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As shown in the accompanying screen shot, the spectral view presents the timbral evolution of a patch by using colour intensity to represent the loudness of each partial, resulting in a pleasing sonogram-like trace.Though less powerful than the four sources offered by Cameleon 5000 or Cube, the morphing..
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Bonus expert wow

(specialize: Tribal, Elemental or Dragonscale ) Tailoring : Sew all sorts of cloth goods including many types of clothing and most importantly, bags for carrying other items.
Expert Primary Professions You must be level 20 to train Expert level in building tradeskills.
Players may unlearn a profession and start a new one, but this removes the chosen profession; and if they were to relearn it they would have to start leveling it from scratch.
Mooncloth can only be made by a tailor.Players can only have two primary professions at any time, but they are not required to take any at all.You may train this only when you reach 225 skill in the profession.Commanders who have available skill points to spend will show unspent points in the Port screen.When training/retraining a Commander, the total amount of Elite Commander XP and Free XP spent is equal to the amount of the Commander's own XP (Commander XP) required to train this Commander to a 100 level or earn the next Skill point.Secondary Professions You must be level.This is no longer true since a hotfix on November 30 increased the efficiency of crews and naval equipment.While you progress on these quests, we advise you to make a fleet of 4 Destroyers and 2 Transports and level them up as much as you can, all the while acquiring new equipment (see our Equipment section for more details).It is not uncommon for a crafter to start out with two collecting professions (usually.Clicking the small, circular icon below the Commander name in the recruitment window gives players the option to randomly generate a new name and portrait for their commander.Check out the list of unique commanders to learn more.Cost to train is 5 gold.Blast Furnace 1,130, oil, and a few Rush Order: Shipyard.To speed up the retraining process, the player must spend exactly 5,000 Elite Commander XP to have a Commander retrained to 100.When training skills in Rows 2, 3 or 4, Commanders must have at least one skill trained from the previous row.After all Elite Commander XP is spent, Free XP: Can be spent on promoting any Commander (that hasnt reached the highest rank) to the next rank and increasing their number of Skill points.When moused over, it will tell players it lets them unlearn their profession.Additional effects that affect only Commander XP such as Restless Fire ( ) camouflage or the Zulu Hotel ( ) signal are added on top of this number.Retraining Commanders Once assigned to a researchable euro lotto trekking ship out of the regular tech tree, a Commander's skills can only be utilized on that ship.Once this is done, you can buy them them from him for 500 Garrison Resources.
When Elite Commander XP and Free XP are spent, the following rules apply: To retrain a Commander, promote them to a new rank, or reset Commander Skills, the available Elite Commander XP and/or Free XP should be sufficient to fully complete such an operation (for.

Certain missions or campaign tasks will award commanders as a reward as well.