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Delaware sports lottery

5.11.11 Provide only those licensed sports lottery machines, validation units and associated equipment approved under these regulations.
3.3 Application Process for Licensing as a Sports Lottery Agent.3.1 Any applicant desiring to obtain a license to act as an agent shall apply to the agency on forms specified by the Director from time to time.
A machine shall be considered a sports lottery machine notwithstanding the use of an electronic credit system making the deposit of bills, coins or tokens unnecessary.
11.5 The licensee may appear individually, by legal counsel, or by any other duly authorized representative.6.10 Video lottery agents authorized to extend credit shall Eexercise caution and good judgment in extending credit for sports lottery play, and comply with all applicable federal and state laws.For video lottery agents licensed only to conduct horse racing meets under Chapter 101 of Title 3 or Chapter 4 of Title 28, such purses shall be applied under the direction of the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission for races conducted at such agent's racetrack.5.11 The following duties are required of all licensed technology providers, without limitation:.11.1 Manufacture terminals and associated equipment for placement in Delaware in accordance with the specifications of the agency.This order is subject to review in the Superior Court pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act.8.6 Agents shall comply with all prescribed Federal requirements for tax withholding, recording and reporting, including, without limitation, those requirements relating to the transfer of funds withheld from player best casino bars las vegas winnings from the agents to the tax authorities.The agency must approve such request prior to any changes being made, and the agency shall reserve the right to require second testing of sports lottery machines after modifications have been made.Whoever fails to obey or refuses to obey a subpoena of the Superior Court shall be guilty of contempt of court and shall be punished accordingly.A license may be revoked for an unintentional violation of any Federal, State or local law, rule or regulation provided that the violation is not cured within a reasonable time as determined by the Director, or a longer period where the sports lottery agent has.11.12.3 In his discretion, the Director may impose an administrative penalty of not more than 1,000 for each administrative penalty for each violation.3.9 A license shall be issued to the applicant if the Director is satisfied, upon consideration of the factors specified in subsection.8, that the applicant would be a fit agent and not pose a threat to the public interest, the reputation of the lottery.4.2.5 Provide a description of the means by which the applicant exercises security and financial control over the activities of service technicians in order to insure the integrity of sports lottery operations.The employees of each such service company whose duties and responsibilities involve the security, maintenance, servicing, repair, or operation of video lottery machines or table game equipment shall be licensed to the standards of and for the term of a gaming employee.3.1.5 The names of all persons principally involved in the original creation of the applicant's enterprise.11.11 Notwithstanding the procedures set forth herein regarding technology providers, there shall be no right of hearing or judicial review allowed with respect to decisions involving technology providers unless otherwise provided by law.4.2.2 Require the applicant to supply specified information and documents related to the applicant's fitness and the background of its owners, partners, directors, officers, key employees, and sports lottery operations employees, including but not limited to copies of financial statements, tax returns, insurance policies, and.4.9 In evaluating applications, the Director shall consider:.9.1 Whether the applicant has demonstrated that it has the resources, experience and ability necessary to supply the necessary sports lottery systems as may be required under a contract with the agency.3.8.4 Whether the applicant has demonstrated the business ability and experience necessary to satisfactorily conduct the sports lottery operations.4823 or these regulations shall be appropriated to the State Lottery Office to carry out the purposes of 29 Del.10.2 The agency shall review any materials submitted pursuant to this section and approve their use unless in the judgment of the agency such materials, if used, would result in an appearance which reflects adversely on the agency, would reasonably be expected to offend.Amendments to an approved floor plan shall be submitted to the Office for its approval, and the Office shall, within 15 days, approve such amendments that satisfy the rules and regulations promulgated by the Office and shall deny such other plans.".
6.16 Assume responsibility for the proper and timely payment to players of winning sports lottery wagers.
11.3 If the licensee desires a hearing, it shall provide the agency with a written statement within ten days of receipt of the notice which contains the following:.3.1 A clear and concise assignment of each error which the licensee alleges to have been committed.