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It is not clear from the Scriptures exactly how many years had passed since Moses died, but.
Comment : It was the contention.
On the other hand, if such events as Noahs Flood represent a previous arrival or departure of the Planet Nibiru, given its orbit of 3,600 Earth Years, then this traditional date for Noahs Flood is mathematically impossible.Mokrenkaya cat, we cat, we Kisonka -ah!Emperor Tsin-chi-hoang (246-209 before the present era).No mention was made.They would never link their scientific theories to the Great Pyramid of Egypt, for example; else all the other scientists up in the Ivy League Universities would ridicule them to no end, such as the late Professor Carl Sagan who was one.If the Sun stood still over Beijing at 10 AM, it would be 4 AM in Cairo and 8 PM in Peru.Asher is shown photographed with Paul Horn at the Pyramid Complex.For additional information on this subject, the reader is referred to Worlds In Collision.U" The seasons and four quarters of the heaven were not the same because the Polar Axis had shifted.Asher has produced absolutely no evidence of Atlantis off/in Spain.(1) Were the ancient catastrophes a result of ancient planet flybys from space?These conclusions.Regarding item 4 above, I do not know what she is really referring to here.In it she will once again state that an exciting new discovery is about to be made in Atlantis research, so stay tuned for further details.A few years later, Joshua was battling one tribe after another to conquer the Promised Land.Patten s Figure 2 is a chart of dates, showing various flybys of the Planet Mars, in columns denoted October Flybys and March Flybys.Refer back to Chapter.Finally, here is additional miscellaneous information which is taken from the book We Are Not The First by Andrew Tomas (1971 pages 74-76.U" Returning now to the verses from Joshua"d at the beginning of this chapter, this event of the Suns standing still over Gibeon for a whole day must have been something different than the time of the Exodus.This event also gave birth to the idea that 13 at table is an unlucky dinner combination; and until recently, most hotels and office buildings did not include a 13th floor, going directly from floor 12 to floor 14, which we still see in some.But it was not the Planet Saturn.
According to Velikovsky, our most strongly driven impulse would be to not only make ourselves secure blackjack table hit stand and safe from cosmic danger but to also make our world secure and safe from destruction.
According to Brown : The present location of Pozzuoli is approximately 46 North Latitude, but at the time the Temple was erected its latitude was.

Thus, all our endeavors, including the pursuit of astronomy in its grandest theories, is a search for security and safety and not a search for objective truth because that truth is too unbearable.
Comment : This would have been the year 1587 BCE, which marked the previous arrival of the Planet X Nibiru and its docking/tethering to our North Pole.
They have awakened, hopefully.