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How to unlock third relic slot

how to unlock third relic slot

Q: How do the Relic "talents" unlock?
Q: Doesnt this just mean Ill want my best two traits on each Relic now?
Once you hit 110, youll get your third relic slot immediately.
Using our guide's item level values, you find that Master of Shadows is worth.25 item levels and Marked for Death is worth.1 item levels.There are a host of catchup mechanics and account-wide unlocks coming on Argus when the patch drops.This should all be pretty apparent when you look at those slots in-game, but may not be showing clearly via datamined info.In addition, as soon as patch.3 drops, hitting level 110 means your Artifact Knowledge will advance.We check this by using stat weights.If youre trying to get an alt up to speed with their Artifact or their followers, patch.3 will have the mechanisms in place for you to do exactly that.We've been keeping an eye on your discussions about the topic, and wanted to give some explanations where we can, as well as open up a thread for any additional questions you may have.Game Director Ion Hazzikostas made a point finnish lottery numbers that theyre aware that theres an awesome story campaign, but its not as awesome if you have to play through it three or four times on all of your alts back to back.For relics, the traits are normally assigned an item level "worth" in our guides.If Strength has a stat weight of 2 and Crit has a stat weight of 1, this means that Strength will increase your DPS twice as much for each stat point added than Crit would, at least at this point in time.In patch.3, the devs feel that these things are far enough behind the new mechanics like the Netherlight Crucible.I have been away from the game for several years and am just coming back.A: For the hardcore min/maxer, yes, there will still be a best outcome for your Relic configuration.There is no such thing as a useless stat anymore.These items come from World Quests, and drop from chests on Argus.Q: Will I be able to trade Relics with other players to see who gets the best options at the Crucible?Hopefully that will help clear the air about how the Netherlight Crucible works, but we're sure you have more questions, so ask away and we'll do our best to answer what we can!A: Players often compare this to the old Reforging system, and our dislike of having to visit a vendor after each and every upgrade.
The weights will change whenever you change any piece of your gear, but you can use things like RaidBots ( m/simbot/stats ) to check your stat weights.
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