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Wow argus trinket bonus roll

Theres no one size fits all answer.
Drop rate:.270 (error margin.162 -.437 week 2: 9729 characters - 14 drops.
Also some other rare looting bug can be possible.2 missing drops I verified thru logs site, and for only 1 person I could not verify an epic trinket drop, but he got Aman'thul's already on 2nd week and it is very likely that I'm just missing the part of data where the epic.Only the four trinkets that caused the empowerment get the bonus.Also what can be confirmed from the timestamps flashback casino skatt is that Pantheon trinkets drop only from the first Argus kill of the week, regardless of difficulty, and they can't be looted from bonus rolls either.Drop rate:.140 (error margin.068 -.288 week 3: 9210 characters - 6 drops.Wowhead has a fantastic chart. .The more your specialization valued the.You can have AmanThuls Vision and two other Legendaries equipped.For week 5 I've tracked already 5400 kills, and that data is showing epic trinkets drop rate getting already close to 35, while Aman'Thul is still staying around.1.If they did, it would put pressure on raiders of all levels to farm LFR until they got the drop.So far there isn't any indication about "bad luck protection but the sample size is limited and it's been only 2 weeks for now and there's always a possibility that the drop rates will increase in the future.Requires title/header to explain relation to WoW.The bottom line is the more trinkets you have in your raid, the more time you spend empowered.Weeks 2-19 have all been within error margin from.1 and only week 1 drop rate had statistically significant difference.The sample size is limited, but considering that.87 of the characters in my data have at least one trinket now, the missing.13 is most likely caused by missing data due to the fact that sometimes the activity feed API data is not showing.Drop rate:.108 (error margin.071 -.161) (started to track new chars).Theres some confusion about how the trinkets get empowered.Blizzard Watch is made possible by people like you.Drop rate:.099 (error margin.029 -.264 week 8: 5625 characters - 6 drops.Drop rate:.065 (error margin.016 -.185 week 4: 8440 characters - 8 drops.
Whether you use AmanThuls or your class specific trinket will depend on your other gear, your raid composition cash game poker oslo and a little bit of loot luck.

Getting exact numbers would be quite complicated but as a Rough estimate I'd guess the off-spec drop rate starts around 5-8 and at some point starts to increase at 15-30 rate weekly.
If your raid doesnt get the last boss down during the week, try to find one of these PuGs.
It goes straight into your bags regardless if your raid is using personal or master loot.